Bitcoin in traditional financial market


Bitcoin in traditional financial market

Bitcoin in traditional financial market – S&P brings crypto indices to 2021

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will soon enter the traditional financial market. S&P Dow Jones Indices, a division of financial data provider S&P Global Inc., will introduce crypto indices in 2021.

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will get indices

On Thursday, according to Reuters, the two companies S&P and Lukka, which is responsible for providing data for the various crypto currencies, announced the good news.

With the help of Lukka, S&P DJI brand products will be able to record data by Crypto Revolt for more than 550 of the most traded crypto currencies.

S&P clients will be able to work with the index provider to create customised indices and other benchmarking tools on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, S&P and Lukka said in a joint statement.

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S&P and Lukka hope that more reliable price data will make it easier for investors to access the new asset class and reduce some of the risks of the highly volatile and speculative market.

As digital assets such as crypto currencies become a rapidly evolving asset class, the time is ripe for independent, reliable and user-friendly benchmarks.

said Peter Roffman, Global Head of Innovation and Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

The move by one of the world’s best-known index providers could help crypto currencies become an established asset class.

This will allow Bitcoin and Co. to reach traditional investors who are strongly index-oriented. BTC will thus be further legitimised and gain more and more trust.

The potential is enormous

It seems that the big players are beginning to understand the great potential behind Bitcoin. Theoretically it can be ignored, but it could well happen that one of the most important developments of this century is missed.

With PayPal, Grayscale and various institutional investors at its side, Bitcoin has an exciting year ahead. In addition, more and more listed companies are investing in BTC.

Bitcoin’s supply is limited, demand is generally not. We are still in its infancy and slowly the potential of BTC is becoming apparent.

We have been reporting for years that Bitcoin will play a central role in the future. Or at least has the potential to do so. Those who still don’t recognise the signs could regret it at a later date.

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